Sasthan Liquid Level Gauges are designed for use in all types of pressure vessels, tanks and boilers.Sasthan level
gauges permit a safe, Positive accurate reading of any liquid level. Sasthan level gauges (all the 3 types) are assembled with
a pair of auto shut off ball check valve arrangement.

Tubular Level Gauge

Sasthan Tubular Level Gauges are suitable for low pressure and low temperature applications which are simple in construction and permits viewing in any directions.
OP.Pre and Temp.:0-15 kg/cm2 and 0-250°C

Reflex Level Gauge

Sasthan Reflex level Gauges are recommended for clean liquids and where observation is required from a safe distance and on low pressure boilers and vessels. Sasthan Reflex Level Gauges are assembled with flat glasses which are having inner surfaces of reflecting prisms due to which the liquid level behind the glass appear black and the empty (vapour) surface appear white. Sasthan Reflex Level Gauges can be used with frost shield for sub-zero temperature.
OP.Pre and Temp. : 0-100 kg/cm2 and -30°C – + 300°C

Transparent Level Gauge

Sasthan Transparent Level Gauges are suitable for coloured, adulteration liquids with suspended solid particles and recommended for high pressure boilers. Sasthan Transparent Level Gauges can be used with mica shield for high temperature.
OP. Pre and Temp. : 0-150 kg/cm2 and 0-400°C

Material of Construction

Chamber, Valve Body  CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP FRP
Cover Plate CS/Forged Steel/Aluminium
Internals SS 410/SS 304/SS -316/PVC
Glass Toughened Borosilicate (Indian /Imported)
Gasket CAF/Teflon/Wire Mesh
Bolts & Nuts ASTM A 193 B7/194 2H
Other Grades of M.O.C As per Customer’s Request
Process Connection Any International Standard
Accessories Scales/Shield/Illumination/Heating Chamber

Enquiry / Ordering Information

1) Type

2) C.C.Distance (Flange to Flange)

3) Connection

4) Material of Construction

5) Service

6) Op. Pre and Temp.

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