Sasthan Float and chord level indicator (Buoyance type) is a simple, low-cost level gauge device suitable for all types of storage tanks to see the level from long distance. The unit consists of guided float connected to a counter weight by a CS/SS/Nylon Cables/Wires. The counter Weight is threaded on to the gauge boards on which the level is displayed in Cm/Inch/Foot/Meter. It can be used as a single instrument to see the levels upto 15 meters height.

OP.Pre and Temp: 0 5 kg/cm2 and 0 400 °C

Material of Construction

Guide Wire :CS/SS/Nylon
Pointer, Pulley  Aluminium
Scale CS/Aluminmium

Enquiry / Ordering Information

1) Tank Height
2) Material of Construction
3) Graduation
4) Op.Pre.and Temp
5) Sp.Gravity
6) Service
7) Qty.


Sasthan Magnetic level indicators are assembled with float, Magnet and chamber which can be practically used all liquid (including hazardous / explosive) and specifically for those which attach glasses. Its working principle of attraction among dissimilar poles of permanent magnets and that of repulsion between like poles. can offer as a single instrument having C.C Distance upto 3 meters.

OP.Pre and Temp: 0 100 kg/cm2 and 0 400 °C

Material of Construction

Chamber, Flange SS/PVC
Float SS/PP/PVC/Teflon
Scale  Aluminium / Acrallic
Process Connection Any International Standard

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1) C.C. Distance
2) Connection
3) Material of Construction
4) Op.Per and Temp
5) Qty


Sasthan manufactures 3 types of oil level indicators which are mainly used in the Greasing / Oil system and gear to see the lubricating oil levels in the concerned equipments. Sasthan offers lengths from 2” to 12” for LBT type and ¼” to 2” Round type

OP. Pre and Temp.: 0-5 kg/cm2 and 0-4000°C
Sasthan Manufactures different types of level indicators like LBT Type, Face Type and Round Type

Material of Construction

Body, Cover Plate SS/PVC
Glass SS/PP/PVC/Teflon
Process Connection  Aluminium / Acrallic

Enquiry / Ordering Information

1) Type

2) Size

3) Connection

4) OP.Pre and Temp

5)Service 6)Qty