Sasthan sight glasses are of technically excellent design to see flow through pipelines / vessels in any direction.
Sasthan offers 2 types of sight flow indicators suitable for all your application ranging sizes from ¼” to 12”.

Double Window Sight Glass

Sasthan Double window sight glasses are assembled with 2 nos. Round toughned borosilicate glasses on either side of body to get the clear vision of the liquid follow through. Sasthan double window sight glasses are fitted with diptube / Flapper / Rotating wheel to indicate the flow. These are used in both horizontal and vertical pipelines. Sasthan sight glasses with rotating wheel are suitable for the installation in any position, but are particularly adapted to pipe lines carrying dark apaque solutions, Where the motion of the wheel is easily detected. This frequently installed where observations must be made from a distance. Sasthan Right Angled Sight Glasses fitted with Diptube or without Diptube can be used for angled pipelines.

OP. Pre and Temp. : 0-25 kg/cm2 and 0-250°C

Full View Sight Glass

Full view sight glasses are assembled with Toughned cylindrical (tubular Glass) and can give flow indication from any direction. These are recommended for low pressure lines. For colourless fluids it can be fitted with Diptube.

OP. Pre and Temp. : 0-10 kg/cm2 and 0-200°C

Material of Construction

Body, Flange CS/SS-304/SS-316/PP
Glass Toughened Borosilicate
Cover Plate  CS/Aluminum
Gaskets CAF/Neoprene/Teflon
Bolts & Nuts ASTM A 193 B7 / 192 2H
Other Grades of M.O.C As per Customer’s Request
Process Connection Any International Standard

Enquiry / Ordering Information

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